Monday, August 22, 2011

Before I retire this old blog, I got a couple more things I want to post...

I last saw them live for free at the Double Door in Nov. 2009. It was the last time I saw my guy Chris (RIP) and it was right before my crews first big show.

I remember being undecided on if I had a crush on Yukimi Nagano. After seeing this picture, it is definitely official.

I'm about to learn this song...

I just like this song. I'm gonna get their album now.

Friday, April 1, 2011

New SonnyMoon...

I LOVE this group.
They do amazing shit with music right now.

I haven't posted on this blog in a year and a couple months.

The Paradigm has shifted. I'm shifting with it!!!

I recommend you BUY their album if you don't already have it


Sunday, November 22, 2009

My nigga Skech put me up on this...N.A.S.A. featuring 2 of my biggest influences...

So yeah, when I was 12 yrs. old I heard Blue Flowers off Dr. Octagon and that fucked my whole perspective up.
Then a couple years ago, a mentor moved to Germany. Right before, he told me to study Tom Waits,
he said I reminded him alot of what he did.

After seeing this video with them together, I feel alot more vindicated for the type of crazy shit that I like to do.

Thank you!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear Mr. Jordan...

Just a video of M.J. DUNKING on Ewing during one of those football like
Bulls vs. Knicks playoff games...

Now then,
I wrote a poem after I saw a commercial around the time of the 2009 NBA Playoffs.
At the time, I thought that his endorsement would seal the deal, but as the video below shows, he didn't go to Coppenhagen with Obama/Oprah/Daley, etc.

So, as it turns out,
maybe he concentrated more on his braggadocio hall of fame speech. Can't blame him.
So here's my poem...
Dear. Mr. Jordan

Hi, Like most people who grew up in Chicago,
I grew up watching you,
watching you slow motion
float thru hater-lane defenses
and camera shot flashes.
They would always
attempt to capture you,
but could never keep you on the ground,
you always figured out a way
to fly,
anti Kunta kicking high
into opponents faces,
slammed shame of defeat.

You made this city's shoulders
more broad, proud, arrogant enough
to tear its own heart out,
light it on fire,
then put it back in the next morning without
worry of acid reflux.

You help inspire the law enforcement officers
create a "pen" for its street stampeders,
its horned shit starters,
its true fans.

Because a real fan embodies its team's spirit
not drunkenly hibernating thru seasons
like certain baseball/football teams.

To say the least,
people consider you a Diety around here.

While drinking and playing cards,
a friend says,
"I ain't never seen Jesus,
but I seen Jordan"

Then proceeds to tell a story about being neighbors
with your X-wife,
while you all were courting,
and how you came down the block
like the Mayor of the Southside (because you were)
in a Lamborgini,
cruising of course,
until you saw a basketball hoop
in the middle of the street,
so you proceeded to entertain
a young fan,
with a one on one game,
where he crossed you
and made his shot,

So thusly,
being the winner you are,
you went to the car,
switched shoes,
went back,
and dunked on the kids
and he said thank you.

in this town,
appreciate being put in our place,
as long
the person putting us there
is our hero.

You saved Chicago from being
second place,
made our Sears Tower seem taller,
we appreciate these things.

So with ALL that being said,
Mr. Hero,
why is it that your attempting
to make it harder to live in this city
for those that are of, from,
birthed by,
poor'd indebt to...
maybe they can't monitarily
support you
like those who
fatten'd off of
this cities exclusive circles
ariola blood suckers
with their front row tickets to
see you fly...

But why are you helping them
use this Olymipics Bid,
like Louisiana Levees,
another reason to market flood
rising rent prices like
tieds when scooba gear gets

I guess the answer is,
displaced refugees aren't really
your fans in the end...

Only the people who help you
pay your gambling debts
and your alimony checks.

Sorry Mr. Jordan,
for wasting your time...

I use to like Pippen more


Thank you Mr. Jordan,
For not giving a fuck enough to stay out of Copenhagen.

Blah, Blah, Blahs of Chicago...YOU SHOULD LISTEN!!!!

They are the shit. Period.

I know I've been gone for awhile


pretty much, I've been bullshittin' with this blogging thing, SO...
to make it up,
I'm posting a free Documentary about everyone's favorite sizzurp drinkin', soon to be incarcarated rapper. Very interesting, alittle worrysome at times, but overall it does him justice.

Coming from a person apart of the generation that actually grew up simontaneously with him, I do have to say that...yeah...we're alittle fucked up (my generation that is).

Oh and did you know that 50 wrote and directed his own hood-sploitation movie. I will not be posting that. You have to find it yo self.

I WILL post this though...

SHABALADO!!!! Black Dynamite was ignant as hell (that means good)


Just felt the need to say that.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

This dude IS the best living song writer, I don't give a shit what you say!!!!

This HONESTLY should have went on the album,

Maybe it was too Prince-ish, Gender Bending,
he could have easily sold it to Chrisette Michelle or somebody.

THIS SONG is just an other situation...

Maybe next year...I'm playin' this now.

Oh and "Popular" was the best album of '07 that NEVER came out,
it was too damn smart for a Black Man to create.
The game is unfortunate.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This and other random things I've seen in the last few days...

Ok, now that you've had that laugh...

1) Last week, I saw a homeless 20 something white girl get spare change from a homeless looking 40 something black man with a mexican wrestler mask on in broad daylight on the corner of Monroe and State.

2) At a McDonalds...a fat manager eating the fries, and attempting to hide in the back as a customer rush came in.

3) This video...Oh and the Bears loose to the Pack then win to the "world champions".
Better yet, I seen some Steeler Fans get off the Ohare blue line to go to the game, as if everything was cool.

Too bad their trip was a waste!!!!

OH AND STAY TUNED FOR THE TOP 10 CHICAGO MOVIES, and other Top 10 things...

That is all.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random Axe (I feel shitty for bein' 2 months behind...)


I saw Slaughterhouse live. They was aiight...uninspired at best.

THIS HERE!!! I said it as a joke in passing maybe a month ago that Guilty and Ruck (Sean Price) should get together on some Double Deebo shit!!!!

Low and behold (with Black Milk on the boards) they're about to be the new rap trio to piss hatin' ass mufuckas off while gettin' girls do to nasty shit they shouldn't be doin'.

This gets the IL. SEAL OF APPROVAL!!!!

{click the title to hear their first single}