Friday, June 19, 2009

95th and Howard: A cup of change

IL. Subliminal - 95th and Howard: a cup of change mixtape (mixed by DJ SeaNile)

This is an album that is in the form of a mixtape, because frankly, I WANT YOU TO LISTEN TO THE WHOLE DAMNED THING!!!!!!

It has Chicago production (unless otherwise stated)
by Mike Smoov (of Cleveland), Scottfree, Kid Fresh (Maryland), DJ Tapedek (REST IN POWER), Custom, Radius, ILL Legit (New Jersey, Columbia Grad), DJ Freezerock, Lokua, Montana Macks, Blended Babies, and Portishead
(no bullshit, they left a beat open for download on their myspace a year ago)

It took me 7 years to compile the right beats, the words, the feeling, and ultimately,
I just want people to listen.

Special shots go to Idris Goodwin, Jus Love (of DLP), Jyroscope for their feature verses. Ugly for always havin' beats for me whether he likes how I used them or not.
Get-Along-Gang (Drunken Monkeee, Neo, Ill Legit, Camoflage Jones, Tweak Central Academy) for putting me thru the types of adventures that would teach me how to perform correctly.
Super Heroes of Sound (Itch 13, Aquil, Insight, Seemore Perspective) for always supporting.
Young Chicago Authors for helping me pay my bills and giving me great mentors who made me a better writer.
DJ Sean Doe for showing me the difference between good and bad music.
Tomorrow Kings for being my friends first, and then bein' an organized syndicate ;0)

Track Listing

Side A

1) Eye Opening Intro (Produced by Mike Smoov)
2) Cat and Mouse Games (Produced by Custom)
3) Shake that thang for Dilla (Produced by Radius)
4) Life is IL. pt 1 (Produced by Mike Smoov)
5) Dogged Payback {featuring Jus Love of DLP} (Produced by DJ Tapedek)
6) Dumb Actin' intro/rmx (Produced by Lokua)
7) The Obligatory 80's throwback Actin' Dumb Club Banger (Produced by Kid Fresh)
8) Chocolate Water Narcissus (Produced by ILL Legit)
9) Marauding Midnight (Produced by Montana Macks)
10) Naked Wit H.E.R. (Produced by Blended Babies)
11) Hope, we need... {featuring Idris Goodwin} (Produced by DJ Tapedekk)

Side B

12) Microphones and Beatmachines (Produced by Scottfree)
13) Kid I.nsomniac The Party Monster (Produced by DJ Tapedek)
14) Stonee Fantasee IsLand (Produced by Radius)
15) Waterweesopposetwobee (Produced by Portishead)
16) D.O.P.E./Tutism (Produced by Radius)
17) Did you forget(this was music)? (Produced by DJ Freezrock)


Listen to it, download it, listen to it again.

Holla at me in the street!!!


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